Rehydrated Smoked Crabs

Rehydrated Smoked Crabs

With our rehydrated smoked crabs, indulge in the delicious nuances of the ocean. Each crab is hand-selected from the most recent captures, painstakingly smoked to perfection, and then slowly rehydrated to maintain the complex flavours and meat's suppleness. Rehydrating after the smoking process results in a delicious culinary experience that combines the flavour of fresh seafood with the aromatic allure of traditional smoking methods.

Key characteristics:

Enjoy the genuine flavour of smoked crabs, which has been increased by the rehydration process, making each bite moist and tasty.

High-Quality Ingredients: 

We only use ingredients from sustainable fisheries, so your meal will be of the highest calibre while also protecting the oceans.

Ideal for salads, main dishes, appetisers, and gourmet recipes. Versatile culinary uses. They can be eaten raw or cooked further to suit personal culinary preferences.

Simple to Prepare: 

Because the dried seafood products are rehydrated, there is no longer a need to spend a lot of time preparing them. This makes them an easy and delectable addition to any meal.

Rich in nutrients:

Our smoked crabs not only satisfy your palate but also help you maintain a healthy diet because they are a good source of proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and important minerals.

Natural Preservation:

By smoking and rehydrating the crab, the natural flavours and nutritional content are preserved while the shelf life is extended.

Storage guidelines:

Keep in a dry, cold environment. For optimum freshness, refrigerate after opening and use within three days.

Information about Allergens: Includes shellfish. produced in a facility where other seafood is processed.

Serving recommendations:

Serve our Rehydrated Smoked Crabs with lemon wedges and a side of zesty dipping sauce, along with a crisp white wine or a light lager, for a really transcendent experience.

With each bite, embrace the rich tradition of maritime food and let our rehydrated smoked crabs to take your taste buds on an unmatched gourmet adventure.

£8.00 5 Pieces

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