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Bringing The Flavours of Nigeria to The UK.

At the Market Girl, we are passionate about sharing the rich and diverse flavors of Nigerian cuisine with food lovers in the UK. We feature Nigeria food, ingredients and spices.

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Recipes of a Market Girl

We have more than 40 recipes

Ayamase Stew

Discover a world of delicious possibilities with our food recipe products. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, our expertly crafted recipes and high-quality ingredients are designed to bring out the best in every dish.



Preparation Time:  20 mins

Preparation Time:  20 mins

Discover The Flavours of Nigeria

With Our Recipe Book!

We’re excited to share our new recipe book, packed with delicious Nigerian dishes. Perfect for everyone, from beginner cooks to experienced chefs.

What’s Inside:

Original Nigerian Recipes: Jollof rice, Egusi & more.

Easy Instructions: Simple, step-by-step guides.

Beautiful Photos: Inspiring images for every recipe.

Handy Tips: Useful cooking tips and tricks.

Healthy Options: Nutritious and tasty recipes.

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